RSS kills 15-year-old student

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Hindutva & Fascism

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The violence of the RSS outweighs law and order in India. The terror group will go to any length, including murdering children, to silence dissent. This case in Kerala is an example of the horrors this group creates for India's people.

A 15-year-old student was killed at a festival in the city of Alappuzha in India for his affiliations to communism and the Students’ Federation of India (SFI). The BJP and RSS were adamant about the baselessness of the allegations stating that the police have clearly concluded that there were no political undertones relating to the murder, but families of the child, as well as members of the community, are still extremely puzzled and devastated by the murder. Sources that know the family state that RSS members were originally looking for the victim’s older brother who is also an activist for the SFI, but quickly shifted their attention and stabbed the young boy to death. Unfortunately, this is not the first instance of RSS members allegedly attacking students and other individuals for their personal affiliations; in fact, this is the seventh activist with leftist ideologies to be killed in the state in the last few months.

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The RSS is notorious in India for deterring people from expressing their oppositional beliefs, but the violent stabbing of an innocent young teenager is unjustifiable, even for Modi’s government. It signifies that the BJP and members of the fascist party will do whatever it takes to purify the state from anything but Hindutva ideologies, and it also sets a terrible precedent for the future as nobody has been caught or convicted for the slaughter.

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